Zombie Hip-Hop

28.02.2021: A Message from Polaris.

Meowdy everyone! Yeah I know this page is a mess but I have to write this quickly before the server gets closed.
Damn. I honestly can't believe I helped make such a thriving community. Still shook it was a year ago when I first was contacted by Beck. I had no idea what my life would become from that. The friends I would make, the projects I would help, the.. um.. drama I would drown myself in.
I'm not sure if you all know this, but Gorillaz Raritiez started as just us (FormalSquid, Fatcat, Neko, and me) trying to clone all the more successful fan-channels like All Eyez on Gorillaz back in November 2017. We weren't well known at all, except for the time we uploaded the first live recording of Hollywood, a remastering of Mr. Softy's Balloon Race, and the games of course.
Then one day in a particularly boring American History class, I got a friend request from someone named "Aken" with a Noodle icon. After the first message, I thought to myself "oh it's one of those people" who friend my personal account just to ask questions about the games. But then everything started happening at once with an Instagram suddenly being made and huge fucking artists coming to work with us.
The Chat'o'Matic helped me through being a very bad breakup where I was too scared and heartbroken to go back in my old friend-circle due to my ex's mere existence. Not to mention all the new friends I'd make, all the VCs lasting long into the night, and oh my god the memes. Sadly, I realized the hard way that any and every fandom will eventually destabilize into petty drama, so I had to leave, isolating myself into loneliness. I'm surprised it still lasted to this day, but as this generic top 40 hit from 2007 says; all good things must come to an end."
There's more I could've said but I'm being really fucking rushed and I'm seriously panicking typing this but, thank you all. Thank you all for being a fan.